Security is more important than ever!

Google for Education makes it easy to login to your account from anywhere. That also means it's just as easy for anyone to gain access to your account from anywhere. Here are some important tips to keep your account and data safe.

The Importance of 'Sign out'

  • Computer labs, shared devices in public spaces, laptop & tablet carts... If you 'Sign in', ALWAYS make sure you 'Sign out'.
  • If you do not 'Sign out', the next person that uses that system may have access to your Google account and data.
  • Simply closing/exiting the web browser does NOT sign you out of Google.

Secure Your Mobile Devices

  • Set a passcode or password on your mobile device(s). Accessing your Google account from a mobile device? Awesome! But If that device is ever lost/stolen, a passcode or password will prevent open access to your data from that device.

Change Your Password

  • Proactively and periodically change your password.

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