Frequently Asked Questions

Check back here as questions arise, we will be updating this page often.

Q: Will my email address change when we move from GroupWise to Google Mail?

A: No. You will login, send, and receive emails with your current @hartdistrict.org address.

Q: Are the items in my G: drive being moved to Google Drive?

A: No. There are no plans for us to migrate your G: drive to Google Drive; however, the app is available for you to explore and use.

Q: When are staff email accounts moving to Google Mail?

A: We have a whole section of the website to let you know our timeline and progress. Click on "GroupWise to Google" in the navigation menu to the left.

Q: Do students have access to Google Apps?

A: Yes! Students have access to some of the same Google Apps available to staff. Please see our comparison chart to see which apps are available to staff and students.

Q: How can I sort by date, sender, etc. in Mail?

A: If you have multiple pages of emails, mouse over the message count and it will give you options for newest first or oldest first. You can't sort messages by headings in your Inbox. However, you can use Google Mail search options to list messages in order according to search parameters and date. Click here for information about Advanced Search techniques in Google Mail.

Q: Why are all my emails grouped together?

A: Google mail groups all replies with their original message to create a conversation thread. This feature, called "Conversation View," keeps all correspondence together for easy access to the entire conversation so you don't have to wade through your inbox to access previous replies. Learn more about Conversation View here.

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