GroupWise Migration to Google

GroupWise Migration to Google

Students have been enjoying the benefits of Google Mail (Gmail) and Google Calendar since the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year. On June 14th, 2014, Staff will go live as well. You will be able to send and receive emails with your address using the Gmail website.

Timeline for Migration

  • Now: GET PREPARED! Make sure you've logged into your Google account and get familiar with the look and feel of Gmail and Google Calendar. Use the links on the left to learn the basics and more.
  • Continue to use the GroupWise system until June 14th.
  • April 5th - June 14th: Items in GroupWise migrate to Google. This will occur in phases, from the oldest items to the newest, including items in your GroupWise Archive mailbox. (If you use the Archive feature.) You will begin to see items in your Google Mail and Calendar as your existing GroupWise data is copied to the Google system.
  • June 14th: GO LIVE! Emails sent to email addresses will now deliver to your Gmail account and no longer to the GroupWise system. Stop using the GroupWise system.
  • June 15th - completion: Migrate remaining items.

What will be migrated from GroupWise to Google?

  • All existing email messages, calendar, personal & 'Frequent Contacts' address books will be copied from GroupWise to Google Mail, Calendar, and Contacts.
  • Items in GroupWise folders will be labeled in Gmail using GroupWise folder names. Items from GroupWise Archive will be labeled as 'GroupWise Archive' and, if applicable, a folder name. For example, an email you've filed in a GroupWise folder named 'Personal' will be labeled 'Personal' in your Google Mail,
  • Global GroupWise mailing lists (e.g. AOC Users, WR Users, etc.) will become Google Groups.
  • Entries in your personal and 'Frequent Contacts' GroupWise address books will be copied to your Google Contacts.

Did you miss our email?

  • The District Technology Services Department has been sending emails to all users regarding the Google Migration.
  • Click here if you missed any of these important messages.

Click here to learn about Gmail

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